What new models need to know to succeed


The modelling industry is a place that many young people dream of being a part of. However, new models can face plenty of challenges if they don’t know the guidelines of the industry. Here are some pieces of advice to help new models enhance their careers.

Do: Be on time


Everything moves fast in the modelling world. Ensure that you come on time or even early for your shoot so that everyone, including yourself, has enough time to prepare everything. Moreover, it also shows your professionalism and respect to others with this action.

Don’t: Cancel a shooting/booking last minute

If you have serious health or emergency issues, canceling your shooting is reasonable and acceptable. However, if it’s just because of a trip with your friends, don’t do that! Behind any shooting is a whole team with lots of preparation and effort. Therefore, canceling a booking will make many people struggle to reschedule their plans.

Do: Prepare


It’s recommended that you do proper research to understand your client’s needs and the theme of the photoshoot. Then, practice some poses in front of the mirror at home so that when you come to the shoot, you already have different poses in mind for the photographer.

Don’t: Start a fight with someone on set

Sometimes, you might have to work on a shoot with someone difficult; however, stay calm and try your best to perform from beginning to end. If you fight with someone, it can affect your image negatively and lead to difficulties in finding future work.

Do: Follow instructions


It’s important to follow instructions during your shoot so that you can showcase the best version of yourself that your client wants. It also shows that you are a model who is easy to work with and has a great attitude.

Don’t: Complain

The last thing that an agency or a client wants is a model who always complains. Even if you don’t like the outfit or the makeup, just grin and bear it. Don’t show your upset and anger verbally or on your face. Stay positive and confident because that’s the attitude that people expect from a great model.

We hope that this guide will help you succeed in your modeling career. If you are looking for an agency to work with, feel free to contact us!

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