How to self-tape for modelling casting


With continual lockdowns, agencies and clients usually have no choice but to ask new models to submit their self-tapes so that they can make their hiring decisions easier. Even though this is not a new concept in the industry, many models struggle to record a standout video to impress clients and agencies.

1. Don’t shoot in 4K


This might sound strange, but it’s actually reasonable. Why? Because model agents need to upload your video to casting servers or attach it in their emails. Therefore, if your video has high resolutions, it might be impossible to upload it to their servers. So what is the optimal resolution then? In order to ensure the quality of your video, 720p is the most compatible resolution to go for.

2. Record in landscape mode


Shooting your video in landscape mode helps avoiding the risk of stretching it or having it upload sideways. It’s recommended that you shoot from your waist up. If agencies or clients request to see the full body, you still record in landscape mode, but adjust your camera far enough to fit your body in.

3. Make Files Under 100Mb In Size

Anything above 100Mb automatically gets compressed upon receipt. Therefore, this can cause a lot of work for the model agent to upload it. To prevent this problem, shooting in 720p and exporting as .mp4 is the best way to go. You can also manually compress your video before sending to ensure there is no quality loss.

4. Follow Instructions

Most of the time, a modelling agent will give you specific instructions for your self-tape. Make sure to follow them even if you think there may be a better way to do it. The ability to listen and follow directions is an essential skill in the modelling industry.

5. Make sure the lighting is good

You don’t need a ring light to do a self-tape, but make sure to record your video at a bright place. Natural lighting tends to create more well-lit videos. Also, consider adjusting lighting in your camera or phone to get the best lighting possible.

6. Speak clearly

At the beginning of the video, you need to introduce yourself, so make sure to enunciate your words and speak at a volume and speed that can easily be heard. Besides that, pay attention to if there are any background noises during the shoot so you can avoid noise interference.

7. Be confident


Take the chance to show a bit of your personality when introducing yourself. If you pull this off, you will make a good impression on your agents or clients. Remember, be confident, be yourself!

And that’s everything you need to make a perfect self-tape. If you want to see an example, check out the videos on our Instagram and TikTok, and don’t forget to follow us for more modelling tips!

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