Top 7 pose ideas for female models

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A photoshoot is coming up, and you don’t know what to prepare? Still new in the industry? Don’t panic yet, everyone starts somewhere, and we will help you nail your photoshoot easily with these awesome ideas for posing!

1. Hands on hips

hands on hips

This pose not only helps you look more confident in photos, but makes your waist appear smaller. With this pose, your facial expression needs to show power and determination to fit with your body language. If done right, you will present yourself as a strong personality.

2. Against a wall

When you lean on a wall, take advantage of the surface’s straight lines to emphasize your curves by keeping a tight core. You can either look at the photographer or look away, and still get some good pictures. Besides that, your leg and arm positions can modify to make different poses.

3. Headshot

With this type, you don’t need to worry much about your body positions; however, the pressure is still there, and your priority should be your eyes. Yes! A good headshot depends primarily on them, so make sure that you don’t show dead eyes during this shoot. Modelling is acting; therefore, try to have thoughts behind your eyes so that they can deliver a story to your audience.

4. Over the shoulder

Another posing idea is looking over your shoulder towards the camera. Be careful not to gaze too far because the white of your eyes might show too much. Besides that, you also need to be conscious about the lighting to ensure shadows don’t ruin your photos.

5. Three-quarters Pose

In this pose, you need to turn your body slightly away from the camera so only three-quarters of your body is shown. This is one of the standard modeling poses that adds depth and makes the images more visually appealing.

6. Using hands


You can use your hands to make different poses, for example, grazing your cheek or playing with your hair. Hand movements and arm placement are also important for posing. You can add different personalities in your photos to impress your audience by playing with your hands and arms.

7. The lean-forward

This pose has a lot of variations that you can play with. If you lean forward with your knees apart, try to work with your face expression to convey assertiveness and a “bad-ass” attitude. By putting your knees together and ankles apart, you will have a playful look in your photos.

Which poses are you most comfortable with? Feel free to share with us and let us know what you want to learn more about in this industry, and we will help you with useful tips and knowledge.

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