How to Sanitize Your Makeup Brushes?

How to Sanitize Your Makeup Brushes?

Cleaning all your brushes makeup brushes can be time-consuming but it’s a very important step when it comes to your makeup routine. Your makeup brushes need to be cleaned at least once a week to avoid the brushes collecting any bacteria or dirt and prevent your skin from having acne breakouts or worse. Here is all you need to know to sanitize your makeup brushes.

What should you clean makeup brushes with? 

First, you have to choose anti-bacterial and silicone free products specifically made for cleaning makeup brushes. It exists many makeup brands that sell this kind of products. But you can also use a baby shampoo, mild soap, a face cleanser or a home-made solution made from coconut or olive oil, apple cider vinegar…).  

Which tools should you use? 

There are many makeup tools that can do the trick: silicone cleaner mat or glove, drying rack, color switcher, sponge cleaner, etc. Using a tool to clean your makeup brushes will help you wash them efficiently and gain time.  

How to clean your makeup brushes properly?

1. Wash

Dip each brush individually under the running water to moist them a bit. Then, grab your makeup cleanser product and tool. Make sure to place the brushes in the solution (it could be a liquid or solid solution).  

2. Swirl & Rinse

Swirl the brushes in a bowl of water or you can also grab the tool you chose. Then, hold the brushes under running water a few seconds on the same time. Make sure to rinse them in lukewarm water.  

3. Repeat 

Make sure to repeat the previous steps if there’s still some residue left on the brushes. You should also repeat the process until your brushes have no makeup color or dirt left on. Once the process finished you can squeeze the brushes. If dirty water still come out while squeezing the brushes, then you should repeat the process.  

4. Dry 

After all your brushed washed, let them dry on a piece of tissue or on a towel. You can also use a makeup brush sterilizer and dryer. It will help kill most viruses, germs or bacteria left on the brushes while drying.  

Keep in mind that cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is crucial to maintain a healthy beauty routine. You will have an easy makeup application and a flawless makeup look! 

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