How to Determine Your Morphology ?

How to Determine Your Morphology ?

Being trendy is good. But, dressing according to your body type is really important! Although every woman and man are different, there are six main categories of morphology: A, V, H, O X, and 8. Read this article to find out yours!

Know your morphology to get dressed !

First of all, wearing clothes in accordance with your morphology will allow you to emphasize your assets and not to make a style mistake. In addition, your shape, your body, are sublimated by simple associations of clothes and accessories that correspond to you as well as possible and do not emphasize a less “generous” or other part of your body.
If you have very wide hips or shoulders, it will go with certain types of clothes and not with others. Therefore, you need to study how your body is made up, to find out what will look best on it.

How to know which morphology is your body ?

You have to start by looking in a mirror and understanding which parts of your body are what shape. Hips, shoulders, waist, chest: which parts are wider, thinner, more abundant? Are your hips and shoulders aligned? What about your waist and the shape of your chest?
Be honest with yourself. This will do you the most good, already, and it will make your estimate better.

A-shaped morphology

A-shaped morphology : called triangle silhouette. As a result, your upper body is thin: few breasts, waist rather thin, shoulders not very wide. Then, at the bottom, it’s the opposite: the hips and buttocks are wider, even round.

To enhance your silhouette: put everything on the top with a neckline. For instance, for the bottom you favour straight and simple cuts.

V-shaped morphology

V-shaped morphology: called inverted triangle morphology. The hips and the pelvis are narrow, with little shape in the buttocks and the upper body is very marked. The shoulders are square or only broad, with a lot of chest.

To enhance your silhouette: By doing the opposite of the A: you divert attention from the top to focus on the bottom, giving it volume. Choose slim-fitted jackets or blazers at the top and favour skirts to enhance the legs.

H-shaped morphology

H-shaped morphology: known as a rectangle morphology as well. Furthermore, your hips and shoulders are at the same level with a waist that is little or not marked. In addition, this silhouette is rather straight, we find rather square shoulders.

To enhance your silhouette: do not mark the waist too much. In conclusion, choose to emphasize either the upper or lower body and favour straight cuts such as straight trousers and tunics.

O-shaped morphology

O-shaped morphology: often round, the waist is not very marked, the shoulders and hips are broad, and the chest is generous.

To enhance your silhouette: women with this morphology often tend to want to conceal it, yet it should be highlighted with flowing cuts, straight dresses and trousers.

X-shaped morphology

X-shaped morphology: called hourglass morphology as well. Furthemore, the waist is very marked and the shoulders and hips are wider. It is a harmonious and very balanced silhouette.

To enhance your silhouette: luckily almost everything fits this morphology. The best thing is to mark your waist and you can wear tight-fitting clothes or caracos.

8-shaped morphology

8-shaped morphology: silhouette similar to the one in X, with a very marked and often arched waist. The rounded shoulders are well aligned with the hips, the shapes are generous and harmonious. It is a body with beautiful curves, very feminine.

To enhance her silhouette: You should empasize your waist. In addition, you should adjust your dresses and tops.

Now, you have all the keys in hand to enhance your body and choose the clothes that will make your silhouette irresistible!

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