All You Need to Know About Sebum on Your Hair !

All You Need to Know About Sebum on Your Hair !

Your hair is under constant attack from pollution, fatigue, diet, repeated shampooing. Results: it becomes dull, flat, destructured.
What if sebum was your friend? Sebum treatment has been the star practice in recent years, and it knows a real boom in this period of confinement. All the stars use it, we hear about it every day but what is it? for whom? why? for what benefits? We tell you everything

The Principle

Sebum is a fatty substance secreted by the sebaceous glands located at the base of the hair. It protects the scalp and hair from external aggressions. It is essential for the health of the hair, yet we tend to fight it with regular shampoos.
For a month, let the secretion of sebum regulate itself, while allowing the lengths and ends to benefit from the care provided by this natural oil. According to the followers of this practice, the cure of sebum would support the growth, would give more volume, brightness and softness to the hair. It would also help to space out shampoos.

The Steps

Before doing this treatment, we must make sure we have a healthy scalp. This practice is not recommended for people suffering from psoriasis for example.
Start with a good shampoo and banish wax, conditioner, gel, hairspray etc.. Shampoo only!
To avoid inconvenience, you should brush your hair every day with a soft, detangling brush, using natural bristles if possible. This will help to rid your hair of dust and dead skin, and to stretch the sebum over the lengths to care for it. Remember to wash your brush thoroughly after each use!

Then, run your fingers over your head, massaging lightly to loosen the roots, to let the scalp breathe.
Also remember to change your pillowcase regularly and everything that will be in contact with your hair during this month of treatment.
After a month comes the delivery: the shampoo. But beware, you have not done all this for nothing. So you choose a soft shampoo, as natural as possible, sulfate-free and silicone-free.

Our Advice

In case of itching or unpleasant odours, spray the roots with lavender floral water or cider vinegar diluted in water.
As far as aesthetics are concerned, it is true that oily hair is not glamorous. This is why this cure is ideal in this period of confinement! If you do not assume your oily hair, we suggest you opt for a wig, a scarf, or the dancer’s bun, well-placed on the skull.

Finally, after this treatment, favour natural products, space out your shampoos as much as possible and limit the aggressions such as straightening, colouring etc.


Be sure to follow these tips so you will have gorgeous hair just like your favorite star! Think about adopting a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced diet and get enough sleep. Morale influences the physical, so smile!

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