5 Tricks to Elevate Your Home Interior Design

5 Tricks to Elevate Your Home Interior Design

It’s not always that easy to change a home design. In fact, if you don’t know some interior design basics, it can be difficult to find a way to elevate your interior design. It’s important to know what can be done to improve its overall look. Our decorating tips and interior design ideas will help you refreshing your interior design efortlessly !

1. Brighten up your space !

Bringing more light into your space is one of the oldest interior design tricks. There are several tips that will help you create a brighter space even in a dark room :

  • Let natural light shine in. For that, make sure that there is no piece of furniture blocking the light in your house to receive the most natural light possible. Don’t let dark colors absorb light. Opt for shiny colors that allow sunshine to spread throughout the room. It’s best to keep your windows clean and choose sheer or white curtains to let the light shine in.
  • Add mirrors ! A mirror helps fill a room with natural light and make it brighter. To do this, put a mirror opposite a window to emphasize the light in the room.
  • It’s better to use light and neutral colors for walls because the lighter the color of your walls the more light they’ll reflect. Light colors can make your room look larger and more spacious. You can choose colors like white, beige or gray, especially on the first floor.
  • You can also choose white or light-colored furniture to make your room brighter, simple, sophisticated and spacious.

2. Bring nature into your home !

“Earth laughs in flowers.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Plants give life to any indoor space since flowers or plants help freshen up a room. Displaying fresh fragrant flowers or bouquets can be very good to bring incredible smell to your room and bring nature into it. But you can also display artificial ones that don’t bloom so that they’ll require less care. They will both add a modern and refresging touch to your space anyway.

Add nature-themed décor such as painting of nature, indoor herb garden, natural wood furniture, green wall or other elements that you found in nature.

3. Combine modern & outdated styles into one !

Mixing traditional and modern furniture could be refreshing and create an original aestethic style. Here are some combination ideas that you can try :

  • Integrating vintage pieces and contemporary art for impact (e.g. vintage chandeliers and modern furniture)
  • Adding contemporary fabrics or mid-century modern prints to your home decoration could make your space very refreshing and inspiring.
  • Mixing different textures with smooth, silky textures and symmetrical display such as art frames on a contemporary-coloured wall, can be a good contrast to vintage style.

Keep in mind that letting one style dominates is crucial to avoid creating a space where there are too much accessories and colors. You have 2 options while combining two different styles:

  1. Harmonizing both styles by selecting furniture pieces that look the same or similar (e.g.: you can pair modern chairs with a more traditional wood table).
  2. Contrasting both styles by mixing colors and textures ( e.g.: metal accessories with your traditional table).

Let just one style dominates, and use the other one for accents. Combine wisely different styles together with the same color, texture, or shape.

4. Add a touch of color !

To elevate your home décor make sure to add vibrant colors. Colors are great for changing the overall feel of a room. Define a specific area in your home and add a pop of color to brighten your space and make a difference. You can put bold or neutral colors for some specific areas but you may need a bright color for the living room.

5. It’s all in the details !

“Nothing works without details. They are everything, the baseline of quality” ~ Dieter Rams

To accentuate your own style you must personnalize your space by decorating it with some accessories that reflect your style and your personnality. Here are some ideas that can inspire you :

  • Personnalizing walls decoration with some family photos or your favorite art frames will make you feel like home. It’s also a good way to pop up a bare wall space.

“Art is all in the details.” ~ Christian Marclay

  • Add accessories such as a lamp, chandelier, candles, carpet or bookshelves. Gold or silver accessories are an easy way to transform your space efficiently.
  • Play with sophisticated patterns such as geometric or graphics patterns. Patterns have a huge role to play in the interior design, that’s why you must choose them wisely.
  • Adding molding can make a home design feel more luxurious and elegant.

Keep in mind that you have to choose the right accessories that match perfectly with your interior design without doing too much. Remember…less is more ! Just keep it simple and sophisticated.

“The smaller the detail the greater the value.” ~ Doug Johnson

Until now, you can make some changes in your own space and show off your creativity!

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