10 Amazing Tips for a Successful Acting Audition

6 Amazing Tips for a Successful Acting Audition

Your dream is to be a working actor ? Then, to fulfill this dream you have to know some essential tips. Acting audition is a long process and it requires preparation, imagination and execution. The crucial step to kickstart your acting career is one successful audition.  

1. Know your character

First, you have to think of all the different character possibilities you could portray, and search for the most appropriate auditions. Then, the most important thing is to read the work, do some research and learn the objective of your character. Indeed, you have to ask the right questions: why is she in this relationship, what does he want from this person, what is the character’s purpose? Know this objective and learn it well. What’s more, to know a character you have to know what they say about him/her, what other characters say about your character and What the playwright or screenwriter says about them.  

If you can have the whole script, read it all. Connect with your character and don’t judge, ever! Have your own opinion and memorize the script. Knowing the lines by heart will help you feel more comfortable with your character. But don’t recite it, just put yourself in your character shoes and it will come naturally.  

2. You are the character!  

“The first step to a better audition is to give up character and use yourself.”

~ Michael Shurtleff 

Do not act, be natural! React like YOU would react. Be in your character’s shoes. Feel his/her emotions without judging. Don’t overdo! Let your character overtake you and then see where you’re going to end up. Acting means do, not talk or reel off! Make your performance more dynamic and livelier.  

Go underneath the dialogue, read between the lines to make it authentic. Ask the right questions such as what do he/she want from the other characters? What is the character’s purpose in the scene and story? What are the obstacles and what’s in the way of the character getting what they want?  

3. Make eye contact 

A film or series audition will usually consist of you reading lines from the actual movie or series with another actor, who they are also considering for a role. While reading a script, you should make eye contact with others. Sometimes you will have seen the script before, and other times they’ll give it to you on the spot. 

Moreover, you have to create a connection with them by maintaining eye contact. Make them feel that you know them. This will make the reading session become easier for you. Knowing the dialogue is an important part of an acting audition. Making eye contact and knowing your script will make the scene and dialogue more natural and authentic.  

4. Adapt yourself 

Don’t play one emotion. Try to play an emotion in different ways. For example, it exists several ways to express anger or sadness. Casting directors are looking for your ability to adapt, take direction, and use your imagination to connect with the script and character in different ways. Show your versatility and capacity to adapt from one interpretation to another. It gives you the opportunity to show them your skills and what you can do. It also shows that you can work well with a director. Stay positive, professional and attentive. 

5. Show your personality 

Stay true to yourself, be natural! It’s the only way to show them that you are unique, and that you can bring them something new and refreshing; something that only YOU can bring into the role. Always make sure your personality shines through since only you and your personality can make the character look more interesting than it already is. 

Be someone that we want to get to know! Try to distinguish yourself from others. As you may know, acting industry is a very competitive business. There’s a lot of fierce competition that’s why you have to stand out and show what you can do and do your best.  

Also, having your own opinion is just as important. Actors have to make strong clear choices when developing characters. Try not to be too indecisive, show them that you have a creative mind full of ideas.  

6. Be confident!

Having confidence is the key for aa successful acting audition. Be prepared and expect competition. You should expect a lot of other people auditioning for the same role as you. Try not to compare yourself with others, just stay focused, be charismatic and feel comfortable.  Sometimes the writer or director may be present in the room, but don’t feel nervous or shy even if it’s easier said than done. Then at least try not to show it! 

“Think of every audition as a chance to perform and you will have fun doing it.”

~ Erica Schroeder 

Show them that you trust in yourself. Always stay professional and courteous. Being confident takes practice. For that matter, try to practice good posture and body language before you arrive. And don’t forget to smile to make a good first impression.  

“Everyone smiles in the same language.”

~ George Carlin 

7. Don’t forget your contact information 

Let us know where they can find you. Even if you have an agent, don’t forget your contact information with an email address where you can be reached directly on your resume. You always want some piece of contact information to be available so, someone can find you fast. 

8. Keep auditioning 

Be open to everything that comes your way. Say yes to networking opportunities, readings, workshops anything and everything that has anything to do with acting, no matter how unimportant it may be. You never know! So, keep searching for new opportunities, meet new people and be socially active, even on social media. Do it over and over. Many audition notices are posted online on sites. You should include a headshot and acting resume, and perhaps a reel of video footage. 

9. Keep learning 

Practice makes perfect, so, be curious and try to learn more and improve your skills. We recommend you sign up for acting classes and casting workshops where you’ll get tips from real casting directors. Watch interviews with Hollywood superstars and see what advice they give.  

Always stay focus! Rehearse, prepare, and challenge yourself to be better and do better, and have fun! If you want this to be your profession then you have to learn new tricks, ask for some advice. Learning as much as you can about performing is the best way to give yourself a chance to succeed in the industry and get comfortable.  

10. Build your network 

Building your network is crucial to have many opportunities. Being skilled or having a talent is important, but knowing the right people is just as. Make an effort to meet people on set or take names of those with influence. Learning everyone’s names will set you apart. People will remember you and want to work with you again. Be nice, open-minded and outgoing to everyone, everywhere. Always say yes to new networking opportunities. Chat with others and get to know them. Be active on social media and follow Twitter or LinkedIn accounts where casting agents announce auditions. Anything you can do, do. 

Now, you know all the secrets of a good acting audition experience and have a much bigger chance of getting a part. Stay positive. Keep going! Remember, be patient and trust the process.  

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