How to be Smartly Dressed for Your Modelling Agency Interview?

How to be Smartly Dressed for Your Modelling Agency Interview?

Once you have passed the first step which is being part of those who have managed to get their first casting call. Many of them wonder which type of clothing their should wear or which shoes or which hairstyle they should do…etc. Don’t panic ! We got the answers to your questions ! We are telling you everything you need to know to be smartly dressed for your modeling agency interview.


It’s very important to make sure that the clothing that you wear fits with your personality and who you are. The clothing that you wear for your modelling agency interview is one of the first elements that will be noticed, and it gives you a chance to tell to the world who you are in a professional and elegant way but without doing too much. First of all, you can wear simple jeans and a top. The most important thing is to try not to demonstrate how stylish you are. Keep it simple !

Moreover, bear in mind that you should wear clothing that fits your body well and showcase your shape. It means that your clothing that you wear should not be too tight nor too loose. Choose colours that accent your skin and eyes and look good on you ! You can wear dark colours or dark clothing (ex. Dark Jeans or Black Top) to stay neutral or simple, but you can definitely be simple AND elegant at the same time by wearing something colourful without being too much. It will bring some light and a “je ne sais quoi” to your outfit.



It seems obvious but it’s important to say it again… Your shoes should be NICE and CLEAN! In fact, your footwear is as much important as your clothing. Like most fashion and beauty items, which shoes you wear can say a lot about who you are as a person and more likely to reflect your daily mood and most importantly your elegance. Believe it or not the shoes that you wear in your first interview say a lot about who you are and your professionalism. Make sure your shoes match with your clothing Consider wearing high heels since this shows that you can walk in them. You can also wear ankle boots or flats to feel both comfortable and elegant.



Wearing some accessories could be useful to add something new to your outfit. It includes a scarf, eyewear (depending on the season), jewelry… However, we recommend you not to wear too much accessories or not at all. You can feel free to wear some but don’t forget to keep it simple ! Less is more !



Concerning your makeup, you should do a minimal eye makeup, and not put a lot of foundation or makeup in general. Just try to keep it natural and enhance your natural features without doing too much. The people that will do the interview with you should be able to see your natural beauty. To have a more precise idea you can read our article about 8 Beauty Secrets to Achieve the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look.


Concerning your hair, we recommend you a simple hairstyle. Put your hair up in a ponytail or loose bun. You can also put your hair down the middle to show your face and your features.


Make sure to do your nails before the interview. It’s important not to neglect your nails. It’s a detail that make a big difference. You should put on your nails and fingertips a clear coat or a natural colour.


So, make sure to stick to the basics, and stay true to yourself. Pick the right items that enhance your natural beauty, and your odds will be in your favour for sure ! And don’t ever forget that a person who keeps it simple and classy, with a good personality always wins !

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