Preparing for Your Photoshoot : All You Need to Know !

Preparing for Your Photoshoot : All You Need to Know !

Having amazing photos that represent your brand and who you are is so important. During a photography session it’s essential being open and vulnerable with your photographer to create a dialogue. It helps your photographer understand who you are and approach the photoshoot with respect and creativity. Many people want to do a photoshoot and need to be prepared for their first one. Here are some tips that will help you to experience a good photoshoot : 

Have a healthy and hydrated skin 

Before heading to your photoshoot don’t forget to prepare your skin by moisturizing it with a gentle lotion to make sure your skin isn’t dry looking. Focus on the apples of your cheeks and try to avoid oily cream that will keep your skin too oily. 

Get a Manicure 

Make sure to clear your nails and fingertips. You can also put some nail polish. It could be a soft or neutral colour.

Wax or shave 

Shaving can be done the night before. Be sure to get your eyebrows well-defined. Your legs and underarms, your face, upper lip should be waxed. And if you’ll be wearing a swimsuit or lingerie, go for the bikini area as well.  

Get a good night of sleep and stay hydrated 

It’s important to sleep at least 8 hours. You’ll feel better, look well rested, and have more energy. Don’t forget to eat and stay hydrated. It’s very helpful to have some snacks that are higher in protein and/or vitamins to keep your body fuelled and energized throughout the shoot. 

Look up some poses online ahead of time 

You can choose some poses to try during the photoshoot it will help you to find a few ones that will fit you well and to change your posture at different angles. It will help you to feel more comfortable and confident.  

Bring 5-6 outfits  

It could be very interesting to bring several outfits with different styles. Choose some clothes that fit you well and show your shape. 

Bring a few accessories 

It could be fun and interesting to bring a few accessories to change styles and add something new to your look.  

Be mentally prepared 

Feel free to do whatever you want to do to express yourself and celebrate your beauty. Don’t ever forget to feel confident and stay true to yourself. You can drink coffee or water and listen to music… 

Arrive early 

It’s important to arrive early or be on time it shows your professionalism and your motivation. You can also be mentally prepared and anticipate. 

Have fun ! 

Most importantly, have fun! Don’t take yourself too seriously. Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.  

Bear in mind that a photoshoot should be a positive experience. It allows you to celebrate your beauty and who you are ! 

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