8 Beauty Secrets to Achieve the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

8 Beauty Secrets to Achieve the ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look?

There are some days when you don’t feel like putting layers of makeup, but you want to be able to go outside and still feel pretty… You want to know all the beauty hacks to achieve a barely-there makeup look in a few minutes?  SAY NO MORE!!  Here are our Beauty Secrets : 

1. Moisturize your face

Moisturize it by using a non-oily face moisturizer or a tinted moisturizer if you don’t need to apply foundation. If you apply foundation make sure to use a light one that fits your skin tone.  

2. Conceal any flaws

Apply a little amount of concealer only where you need it! You can hide your imperfections or dark circles by applying a slight amount of concealer with a small brush or by patting with your finger to blend.  

3. Powder on the oilier parts of your face

If you have an oily skin, make sure to use a powder that mattifies your T zone.  

4. Use a subtle blush

Use a subtle blush by applying a subtle coat of blush will enable you to achieve a dramatic or subtle look without being too much. Apply it on your cheeks and don’t forget to blend until you have a soft colour. 

5. Apply a neutral eyeshadow

Apply one in a shade as close as possible to your own skin tone to achieve the barely-there makeup. Using a creamy texture will help you while coating it on your lids. It won’t look too much, and the creamy texture gives you a more natural glow.  

6. Groom your lashes and your eyebrows

Make sure to shape your eyebrows to find the right shape that fits with your face and enhance your eyes. Use a light colour pencil to define and enhance your natural shape if you have thin eyebrows. Regarding your mascara, it’s better using a thin-wand mascara comb for a natural eye makeup look or curling your eyelashes may be enough too.  

7. ‘Fluff’ your lipstick

With your finger or a small brush you just need to apply a slight coat on your lips your best natural lipstick close to your natural lip colour. 

8. Use a creamy highlighter 

Use a highlighter to illuminate your skin. It will give you a glowing complexion. A creamy texture will melt and match perfectly with your skintone. With your fingers you can rub a creamy highlighter and put some in a C shape which means around your cheekbones and temples and tap a bit in the inner corners of your eyes to make them pop. 

Now you know all the beauty hacks to ROCK your daily natural makeup look!! 

Check out our ‘Natural Makeup’ Makeup Look on our Youtube Channel made by one of our talented Model and Makeup Artist Judith Parrish. 

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