• spring fashion

    Spring fashion trends 2021

    We know that lockdowns have stopped you from gathering for outdoor activities. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear fabulous outfits when you go out. Here are some spring fashion trends that you don’t want [...]
  • models
    Orange News

    What new models need to know to succeed

    The modelling industry is a place that many young people dream of being a part of. However, new models can face plenty of challenges if they don’t know the guidelines of the industry. Here are [...]
  • self-tape
    Orange News

    How to self-tape for modelling casting

    With continual lockdowns, agencies and clients usually have no choice but to ask new models to submit their self-tapes so that they can make their hiring decisions easier. Even though this is not a new [...]
  • model types
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    10 female types models: Which type are you?

    Do you want to kickstart your modelling career, but have no idea where to begin? If the answer is “Yes,” it’s time to discover the modelling industry and which path is the best for you. [...]



Best Summer Smoothies to Try

There’s nothing more refreshing than a good glass of smoothie made from your favorite fresh fruits. Summer is coming and it’s time to redo some […]




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